Why can't I ever find the papers I need?

Did I save that on the computer or is it in my file?

Sound familiar?

Despite all our technology, paper is still the No. 1 challenge in households nationwide. It covers desks and the kitchen counter, gets stuffed into file drawers and now, saved in electronic form on the computerInstead of solving our problems, computers and smartphones have created another realm of disorganization, with files and systems of their own to mix in with the paper. 

Your ability to be productive is directly related to your ability to find what you need when you need it.

From the home office to the kitchen counter, Barbara Hemphill offers a step-by-step solution to purging, sorting and taming that paper (AND electronic) tiger. 

Her practical solutions will help you manage every piece of paper or e-mail that comes into your house.  She'll teach you how to make decisions about what to keep and where to keep and most importantly, how to find WHAT you need WHEN you need it!

Get your survival guide to life with Barbara Hemphill's latest book "Organizing Paper @Home"

organizing paper @home

In this book, you'll get:

  • An examination of all the papers, documents and files in your home, with a step-by-step look at how to find, sort, organize and categorize them all
  • A special chapter with tips on how to go Almost Paperless™
  • A retention guide to help you determine how long to keep important documents
  • Solutions on how to stop that paper pile before it starts
  • Special tips in each chapter to address electronic files, calendars, contact lists and more
  • Ideas on organizing your time and calendar
  • Suggestions for how to organize digital photos
  • Strategies for dealing with a “To Read” pile that’s now in print and online
  • And much more!

(This is a re-release of ‘Taming the Paper Tiger in the Digital Age @Home’.)

Order your copy today for only $19.99! 

organizing paper @home

If you need to organize your paper and electronic information, this amazing book covers it all, from receipts to recipes. The easy-to-read language and examples make it a relief for the overwhelmed!

~Lorrie Marrero, Creator of ClutterDiet.com

I have used Barbara's system for managing paperwork for several years now and I can't think of a more simple to use, but highly effective way to stay organized.

~ Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing Inc. and Founder of ILoveMarketing.com

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Nook™ and Kindle.

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Barbara Hemphill started her organizing career in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. Today, as the founder of the Productive Environment Institute, she leads an international team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists™. 

A respected expert in paper, information and time management, and work/life balance, Barbara’s books include Kiplinger’s Taming the Paper Tiger series, Love It or Lose It: Living Clutter-Free Forever, Bushido Business, co-authored by Stephen M.R. Covey, Tom Hopkins, and Brian Tracy, and her 2011 release, Organizing Paper @Home: What to Toss and How to Find the Rest.

Spanning a 30-year career on the cutting edge of a growing industry, Barbara has appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America, in Reader's Digest, USA Today, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, The New York Times, Real Simple, and Guideposts magazine.

Barbara's family includes two stepchildren, four grandchildren, and her beloved one-of-a-kind husband Alfred Taylor, with whom she shares their own Productive Environment™ near Raleigh, NC.

Jennifer Wig

Jennifer Wig is a copywriter, editor and media relations specialist. She started her career as a print journalist, writing for newspapers in Illinois and Tennessee. She later worked as a web and broadcast producer for NBC17 news in Raleigh. In 2010, Jennifer left news to start her own business, The Final Drafts, which provides writing, editing and media relations services to sole proprietors and chief everything officers. She also became a professional organizer, and met Barbara while inquiring about a career in that field.

While working as a professional organizer, Jennifer earned her Level I Certificates of Study in Chronic Disorganization and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and her Level II Chronic Disorganization Specialist Certificate from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. Jennifer left the field of organizing in 2012 to focus on her business.

She and her husband live in Raleigh. In her free time, she loves to ride her bicycle on Raleigh's greenways, cook, read, write and learn new things. She's currently studying Spanish and learning basic programming skills.